In AVIATE 4 PRO you can design your own flightplan forms (flight logs). You have full freedom to use text, graphs and pictures in any way you like. You can even calculate new data based on other information directly in the form description. The sky is the limit!
Installing AVIATE
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Thursday, 08 October 2009 08:45


How to install AVIATE!

Choose to install AVIATE in a directory where you as user has write privileges. The standard folder on Vista suggested by the installer application is C:\Users\{user}\AVIATE 4 PRO v4.1. On other versions of Windows a similar location will be used. This is the preferable location.

Before you start AVIATE for the first time you must ensure you are connected to the Internet. AVIATE will try to contact our server to retrieve the necessary password after providing the information you filled in on the registration form. If you have a firewall that prohibits AVIATE to contact the server, the registration process will fail. If your firewall gives you a choice to allow or disallow AVIATE from connecting to the Internet you must allow it.

AVIATE will inform you that updates are available. You should select to run the updater to make sure you have the latest nvadata and the latest program file to minimize the risk of running into problems.

To get the help system to work on Vista and Windows 7, you must install windows old WinHelp and the operating system will give instructions if you try to open the help in AVIATE.

Good Luck!

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