AVIATE 4 PRO includes an E6B Calculator with tons of conversions, fuel and aviation calculations. It also has a free formula evaluator for the analytic pilot.

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Monday, 01 September 2008 10:46

This is what AVIATE 4 PRO looks like when started with
a preselected aircraft and the standard flight plan form.


This is an example of a small aircraft's weight & balance calculation.
The graph will show the current balance instantly while you change the load figures.

This is a bigger commuter aircraft's weight & balance calculation.
Note the differences between the two examples.

This is an example of the printed w&b envelope.
It is fully configurable so you can change colors and style.
You can add other information to the graph too.

The fuel handling dialog is also enhanced to make it easy to get the right numbers at the right place.

Searching the database for navpoints is easier than ever. Select what kind of point you are looking for
and search. Sort by Name or Code and type the "name" or "code" as far as you know it and the selection
will jump closer to what you are looking for.

Set individual winds at each navpoint or for each FL or Altitude.

Fill in and file your ATS flight plan directly from the program.

Flight Logs
Below you can see a few flight logs and other printouts from AVIATE 4.1.
Click on the pictures to see a larger version.


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