It is now possible to run AVIATE 4 PRO for limited users on both XP and VISTA. Install it to a folder where the intended user have write privileges. Initially run AVIATE 4 PRO as administrator and accept the update offer. After the updates are received you can run it as a limited user.

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Written by Anderz Forzelius   
Saturday, 16 August 2008 08:50
AVIATE 4 PRO is made for easy VFR as well as IFR flight planning.

The World Wide database is easily searched based on an instant incremental search method. You can limit the searchable data by country and/or navpoint type and search on navpoint name or code.

The route field can be filled in two ways. The default method is intended for IFR Airways and is semi automatic. You start the route with the first point on an airway. When you press the spacebar a popup list with possible airways will show up. Select the intended airway with the arrow keys or the mouse. Press enter or double-click with the left mouse button. A new list with all waypoints on the airway will show. Select the last one you intend to use on that airway and a new list with airways will show. Continue until your route is complete and press tab or select the destination field on the main window to continue. That is a very fast way to create an IFR route. For VFR planning you can set the default behaviour of the route field to VFR in the properties window or temporary set it to VFR by clicking on the IFR text to the left of the route field. In VFR mode the field is fully editable. You can always enter navpoints by pressing the F2 button and search for points in the database.

The main window is full of clickable points, hot-spots. Just click a Hot-spot to se what will pop up. You can also Right-click on anything including the Hot-spots to get related menus to pop up. That way you can easily go directly to the feature you need.

Context sensitive help is available either via a pop-up menu or by pressing the F1 key.

To select ATS form you either do that in the properties window or right-click the ATS window and use the pop-up menu. The Flight log designer is reached via the main menu or a pop-up menu over the form name on the main window. The same goes for the Weather form.

The flightlog designer includes a graphing tool that makes it easy to show data as graphs. It is a very competent graphing tool that can produce not just flat 2D graphs but stunning 3D graphs in the rainbows all possible colours. You can add pictures to your flight log to make it look however you like. The sky is the limit!

The E6B-calculator can be used as a stand-alone application or from within AVIATE 4 PRO. Just click the calculator button on the button list.

The calculated flight plans will by default include Top of Climb and Top of Descend. If you would like to get rid of those just click the Cleanup button on the button list. That will reduce the number of lines on the flight log with three. That can be the difference between a one or two page flight log.

Alternate airport calculation is made in serial between alternate 1 and 2. If you want to use parallel alternates you can use any one of the five extra alternates available. That way it is easy to fulfil most requirements from the authorities.

TAFs and METARs will be automatically downloaded for each airports including alternates and extra alternates.

The fuel figures are normally based on weight but can easily be shown in volume on the flight log if needed. Just right-click the fuel field and select the intended unit. When entering the fuel amount you can use the built in fuel converter by double-clicking the fuel field and make the necessary selection and enter the known value. The result will be the fuel in weight.

Upper winds can be set either by altitude or navpoint. You can reach the winds dialog via the wind fields on the main window. Right-click the wind field or just click the hot-spot next to it to open the wind dialog.
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