It is now possible to run AVIATE 4 PRO for limited users on both XP and VISTA. Install it to a folder where the intended user have write privileges. Initially run AVIATE 4 PRO as administrator and accept the update offer. After the updates are received you can run it as a limited user.

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Written by Anderz Forzelius   
Friday, 15 August 2008 16:14
AVIATE 4 PRO is an easy to use but competent flight planning system for general aviation. Suitable for VFR as well as IFR flight planning. World wide database with updates available every 28 days. TAFs and METARs will be autumatically downloaded for each airports on the plan. It has it all! Fully configurable Weight and Balance calculations, ATS flightplans, E6B-type calculator, flightlog designer/editor and more. To make it as intuitive as possible there are speed buttons, menu and HotSpots that takes you right where you want to go. Of course there are popup-hints and context sensitive help too. The E6B-type calculator includes all formulas and convertions you can think of. It also includes a formula evaluator for the analytic pilot. The flightlog designer includes a graphing tool that makes it easy to show data as graphs. What you can do is only limited by your imagination.
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